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Deicing Manager

Deicing Manager is a comprehensive data management software that streamlines the capture, storage and analysis of all the information you need to manage aircraft deicing operations.

Industry challenges

  • Revenue leakage
  • Poor visibility over operations
  • Poor access to decision making data

Customer benefits

  • Optimized glycol usage
  • Shorter time on the ground
  • Invoicing sent in minutes vs weeks

Ground Handling Manager

Ground Handling Manager centralizes all information relevant to airline and airport operations management to offer a streamlined dashboard for improved operational and financial oversight.

Industry challenges

  • Long invoicing process
  • Long turnaround time and delays
  • Revenue leakage / Cost control

Customer benefits

  • Data is always available
  • Scalable
  • Shorter turnaround time

Training Manager

Training Manager is a cloud-based training management software specialized in tracking and managing employees certifications.

Industry challenges

  • Fines for infractions
  • Safety incidents
  • Time consuming monitoring

Customer benefits

  • Safer operations management
  • Incident benchmarking across service providers
  • Streamlined training management
Training Aviation Software

Equipment Manager

Equipment Manager centralizes all your airport equipment data to provide insight on key performance metrics relating to movement and usage of the equipment.

Industry challenges

  • Speed and usage infractions
  • Scattered equipment all over the place
  • Lack of standardization

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of infractions using¬†geo-fencing
  • Easier to plan preventive maintenance
  • Centralization of information

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