With ten years of experience in aviation, we have developed several software tools designed to meet the needs of the industry.

In a fast paced industry, decision makers’ access to real-time relevant information can have a drastic impact on operations. In the aviation industry, however, many organizations still rely on archaic systems to process data. Such systems can limit communication between operational silos, and limit access to information when and where it is needed.

  • Deicing Manager

    Deicing Manager is a one-stop-shop for inventory and ordering management, fluid usage tracking, and more; data input interfaces feed into real-time alerts and reports, providing snapshots of deicing operations as they occur. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for all parties involved in airline deicing operations:

    • Operators/Servicers
    • Airlines
    • Airports
    • Government/Regulatory Agencies
  • Ground Handling Manager

    Ground Handling Manager centralizes all information relevant to airline and airport operations management to offer a single, streamlined dashboard for improved operational and financial oversight.

    • Real time capture of turnaround
    • Integration with AODBs or other flight tracking sources
    • Parsing of Type B messages
    • Live configurable alerts for flight status changes and incidents
    • Configurable dashboards and reports to keep track of performance KPIs
    • Cloud-based application allowing access to data anywhere and anytime
  • Deicing Holdover

    Deicing Holdover is a free winter operations productivity tool designed with airline pilots' needs in mind. It can calculate a de/anti-icing holdover time based on user-generated inputs. Features include:

    • De/anti-icing HOT calculator
    • Digital HOT guidelines
    • Expiration alerts
    • Runs in the background and works offline
    • Available on iOS, coming soon on Android
  • Field Manager

    The Field Manager app and platform are a comprehensive solution for operations-driven work settings. The app grants access to the following information on the go:

    • Customized forms
    • Web-based systems
    • Communications tools
    • Real-time operational alerts
    • Historical data and analytics
  • Equipment Manager

    The Equipment Manager centralizes all your airport equipment data to provide insight on key performance metrics relating to movement and usage of the equipment:

    • Tracking of movement and performance data
    • Integration with telemetry systems
    • Geo-fencing alerts
    • Seamless data feed automation
    • Comprehensive reports and dashboard views
  • Training Manager

    The Training Manager offers a streamlined tool for the coordination and capture of operator training information:

    • Configurable training matrices to keep track of employee’s training
    • Live alerts when trainings are expiring or expired
    • Ability to automatically assign new courses/certifications to designated groups
    • Configurable dashboards and reports to keep track of training KPIs
    • Planning module to ensure the right amount of employees are trained for your operations